Pupinia Stewart - Disgrace in a Pretty Face

Dear World, 

If you watch Pupinia Stewart, please stop watching her. I am angry about her “I am acting” video where she mentions autism.

I am autistic and autism is not a disease. By calling autism a disease you make it seem like it is something that needs to be cured. Whilst some people who are less functioning would probably wish they had a better ability to communicate etc some people on the other end of the spectrum don’t want a “cure” for autism.

Me personally I love the highs and lows of my autism. Whilst I get really frustrated at my ultra-literalness, or the fact that my dyslexia and autism is a daily struggle in whether I am chaotic or logical, being subjected to meltdowns and hyper emotions. I do get frustrated and I am seriously not going to sit here and say I love those elements. But I love the way I think, I love the fact that people don’t see things the way I do, I love that I get really passionate about things and I am happy.

Pupinia if you are autistic then you have a responsibility to the whole autism community, especially as you create social media content to not be a moron. From what I have seen in your videos, you are a billboard of the dangers of homeschooling. If you say you are autistic, I want you to release the report that a psychologist has made on your assessment proving you are autistic.

Autism is not an excuse for moronic behavior and is not an excuse for being vile. By making that video you have made it seem like you should be forgiven for what you do and say because you may be autistic. This is not true. To be honest with autism you have to work hard to prove that you’re not unfit for work if you want to work.

If anyone out there is supportive of this girl then please educate yourself on two key things Autism and Aids. She also has made mention to having aids.

I am not usually negative here but honestly, I had a meltdown watching this video. This is the first time that I have had a meltdown over social media content. I watch many videos online and this is the first time a meltdown has been caused. I am absolutely disgusted.

Educate yourself and stop her from doing videos by blocking her!




  1. Hello, I found your post by chance.

    I think you have failed to realize that Pupinia is a comedian and all of her videos are sarcastic and 'trollish', she is not autistic nor does she actually think any of the things she says. She is playing a 'character' that is supposed to be dumb and ignorant. The 'real' Pupinia is a different person.

    Her videos are meant to be for comedy, even if they are offensive to some people. Don't take it so hard.

    She has also stopped making videos long ago, so hating on her now is a bit 'late to the party'. But either way, don't take her videos seriously. It's a joke.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am happy to hear from people as it means that real people are actually reading my blog. I respect your views and your right to have your own views. However, here is what you need to know;

      1) She has not finished with making videos, I have seen many videos since that channel including one about the pandemic. As she has not stopped making videos she is still a menace.

      2) Comedy is funny, perpetuating stereotypes and making comments like "I have Aids" or "autism is a horrible disease" is not funny. Some people with these condition may be able to understand this comedy but it is not guaranteed. I was offended because I am autistic and I was offended. Do you know how hard it is living with autism? She clearly doesn't otherwise she would not joke about it. It is the same with Aids. I know someone living with Aids and he did not find her videos funny at all.

      The fact of the matter is that her videos caused me to have an Autism related meltdown. If that happens to even 1 person that it is too far!


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