Legal Representation is a Necessity

Whether you like or dislike Judge Judy you can not deny that she makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I just watched an episode where a woman was suing her ex-husband for ½ the cost of her son’s legal fees because he got into legal trouble. Judge Judy said to the father that he was responsible for ½ the cost for the following reasons:

  1. If a child support order is put in place and you pay X amount of dollars for necessaries that is good. When child support is fixed it is not fixed with the view that the child will get into trouble. Legal representation is necessary. 
  2. If the parents can pay for legal representation, then they should pay for the lawyer. If the parents can not afford to pay for a lawyer, then they can have a “free” lawyer. The lawyer is free to the parents but, they are paid via taxpayer money.

The parting words to the parents were to make the kid get a job and pay them back. Thankfully the mum said that she had already done this. This was music to my ears.

In the UK we have legal aid which is a “free” solicitor. This is really good as it gives people the opportunity to get representation when they are unable to pay for one themselves. No matter what the situation is some form of legal representation is a necessity. Personally I believe that Legal Aid should be there for all forma of cases both Criminal and Civil cases. This means that if someone is being sued and they can not afford to pay for a solicitor then they have access to representation.


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