How Celebrities Impacted this Autistic Persons life.


Celebrities don’t often know how they impact people's lives. I mean they know how the fan clubs and the die-hard fans are impacted but not everyone. So, I wanted to write this post to thank key, influential celebrities who impacted my life.

So before I go into the thank you’ let me explain.  Until I was 31 I knew I was different and that I struggled with a lot. I was diagnosed at 31 years old as autistic and that made sense to me. Because I had been undiagnosed and un-supported I took a lot of what I knew about interactions and being a person from television. I often still to this day use what I see on TV to guide my actions and how I interact with people.

So here we go:

Lucy Lawless. Thank you for your role as Xena Warrior Princess. You impacted my life as you played the Character Xena Warrior Princess. Not only did I take from this show that women can go through tough times but they can survive them. As an abuse survivor from a young age, this was important to me. Later in life, I used the strength that I had saw from Xena when in PTSD therapy. Watching Xena also helped to spark the autism special interests in mythology which to this day has held so thank you.

Kevin Sorbo. Thank you for your role in Hercules. Between Xena and Hercules, my special interest in mythology was born. It gave me something to do when I was unable to have friends etc so Thank You.

James Morrison, Kristen Cloke, Rodney Rowlands, Morgan Weisser, Lanei Chapman, Joel de la Fuente, Tucker Smallwood. I want to thank all of you for your roles in Space Above and Beyond. I was a youngster when I watched the show and it taught me about loyalty, discrimination, and survival. This was so important for me as an undiagnosed autistic person I found terminology like discrimination confusing. I never understood how people could discriminate. This show taught me about it and what I would not like to see happening to others. You helped shape this autistic child into the kind of person I wanted to be. It showed me the strength that I wanted to have and the dignity in the face of adversity.

Alan Alda. Thank you for your role as Hawkeye Pierce in M.A.S.H. You and all of your fellow cast members showed me that whilst in tough times humanity can still shine throw. If you let yourself get down in the face of adversity then you will struggle. You really taught me how to survive.

Robert Davi. Thank you for your role of Bailey Malone in the show Profiler. You taught me that no matter the professional setting, you can still have emotion, you can still have interest in what you do, and care for the people who you work with. This has stood me well in my professional work life.

Ally Walker. Thank you for your role of Samantha Waters in Profiler. This role showed me that you can survive evil people in your life. This stood me well when I had been a victim of stalking. I kept drawing back on Samantha Waters and thinking how would Sam deal with this. It helped me keep my strength through this whole ordeal.

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins. Thank You for your roles of Sam and Dean Winchester and Castiel in Supernatural. On-screen your characters taught me about loyalty and friendship. Off-screen you showed me that just because your successful you can still have humanity. It really made me smile and helped me when I was unemployed to create the “Thank You” campaign I started to support people in uniformed services. It also encourages me to keep reaching out to people in need and helping them in whatever way I can.

Corin Nemec. Thank You for your role as Jonas Quinn in Stargate SG1. Jonas taught me that there are always second chances if you are open and honest. Whilst this has been something, I have struggled with in my life it is something I try to live by. I often will give people second chances when they are open and honest with me. It also showed me that heroism is not always being the first through the door, but also standing up for what is right in dark times and places. This helped shape me into the person that I am today.

These are just some of the actors and actresses who impacted my life as an undiagnosed autistic person shaping me into the person that I am today. I will always be forever grateful even though I will never get to meet you or be financially stable to support the works you do.


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