How Celebrities impact this Autistic Persons Life Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about actors and actresses that helped this autistic person develop into who I am. So today I am going to write about further actors and actresses who helped me.

Pauley Perrett. I want to say thank you for your work as Abby Scuito. Abby was so good at being who she was. She was comfortable in her personality and her values. This always reminds me to be accepting of my difficulties. When I get into what I call Autism Crazy mode  I can feel rather negative about myself, but then I remember Abby Scuito and I start accepting myself again.

Cote De Pablo. I want to say thank you for your role as Ziva David. Not only did this character go through many changes in her character's life. She was able to always pick up and move on. She changed her life a couple of times. She also later battled mental health issues which always reminded me to keep up the fight with my own mental health.

Scott Bakula. Thank you for your role as Dwayne Pride. Dwayne’s loyalty and pride in New Orleans really resonated with me. Having lived in the area where the Grenfell Tower Fire I thought “What would Dwayne Pride do” and I went to help out despite my own health issues. I also took pride in what I saw that day when people from all areas of socioeconomic scale.

Kristen Vagueness. Thank you for your role as Penelope Garzia. You showed me that whilst you are comfortable in how you are vulnerability is also good. Big personalities can still be vulnerable, and it is not a bad thing.

Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. Thank you for your characters in Law and Order SVU. It is from this show and your roles that I learned what happened to me as a child was sexual abuse. It then helped me start dealing with it in my own way.

Again, a huge thank you to all of you for what you do. You may not realize that your work does more than entertain. You can be invaluable to people like me who are diagnosed late in life with autism.


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