Autism Mind Blow

 A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post, which was two parts, thanking celebrities for their roles in my life.

Being diagnosed as autistic at the age of 31 is hard. I didn’t get the support that other people with autism get and coming from a low-income family and no friends the only thing I had going in my life was television. Books were not my friend as I was also undiagnosed dyslexic and struggled with reading dramatically. I learned from television so, what you would consider well-known concepts I had to learn from television.

Therefore, I decided to write the post because I really do not think celebrities know how much they can impact someone like myself. Even today I watch shows and learn from them, whilst I do have friends now, television has become a big part of my life.  So, as an adult, the thing that I am learning from shows is acceptance of who I am.

So, when I posted the first blog, I tagged the celebrities I mentioned in it on Twitter. I was not expecting any form of response and not all the actors and actresses use Twitter so I could not tag them all. So, my mind got BLOWN when I started getting lovely messages back from them. I could not believe it. I am just little old me sitting at my desk and these amazing people not only took the time to read the post, but they also responded to me. These people who meant a whole lot to me growing up took the time to respond.

These were some of the people who sparked my special interests. A special interest for an autistic person is something that they will always come back to time and time again. They will be laser-focused on it and when the world is difficult it is something that we fall back on.

Some of my special interests that were born from these shows were things like science fiction and physics, mythology, and serial crime.

I am not a lucky person in the traditional and autism is just another diagnosis in my laundry list of diagnosis’. I measure luck by what happens around me now and to get these amazing messages I was just so overwhelmed and see it as luck. Out of all the people who blog and share content they chose to respond to me. I can not tell you how much that meant to me.

Stay safe everyone and keep well 😊


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