I am horrified by what I witnessed this week coming from the United States of America but to be honest I am and not surprised at all. 

Donald Trump, and no I will not call him President Trump because he has forfeited that respect through his actions, held a rally and used language that inspired and violent attempt at taking democracy away. For those who do not know why this happened it is simple, he lost the last election. 

The way that the elections work is that there is an initial election but the result has to be ratified before the president-elect can take over. Donald Trump lost the election and in a bid to steal the rightly appointed candidates win, insighted a violent siege on the capitol. This siege left 5 people dead.

This behaviour is unprofessional and should not have happened and yet Donald Trump and many Republican politicians have defended this and jumped on to the bandwagon of "the election was stolen". 

So here are my thoughts;

1) Any Republican who was dumb enough to be captured on video supporting the conspiracy of the election was stolen and used words that could/did insight any form of violence needs to apologise to the State they represent and resign with immediate effect.

2) Charges (outside of impeachment) should be filed against Donald J Trump and he should stand trial for insighting the violence that we witness on televisions around the world. If this crime is a felony then the charge should be Felony Murder as 5 people were killed as a result of his actions.

3) Minimally, Donald J Trump's solicitor should have a permanent disbarment from practicing law and possibly criminal cases brought against him as well.

4) All those who were arrested as participants should be charged with treason as what they did was unconstitutional as well as an act of aggression against the country.

5) Anyone who was in a branch of the military who are actively serving members should receive a dishonorable discharge as well as time in jail. This should also be the same for anyone law enforcement who was there as well.

The United States was founded on democracy and has been a democracy for hundreds of years. You have a constitutional right to assemble under the 1st amendment however, assembly does not mean storm a building and try and take it over by force. That is not democracy.

If Donald Trump was for the people he would have taken his loss and said, "let the democrats have this one and I will run again in 4 years as is my right". However, his narcissism would not allow this and he brought many foolish people down with him.

I tolerated "MAGA" people! I will no longer do so. If you are wearing a MAGA hat or actively use #WeAreTrump I will block you and keep you away from me. I will not engage with anyone who thinks this is the right way to be. If you still follow Trump after what he has done, you are DUMB and should not be allowed to drive a car let alone vote!

To all those law-abiding citizens who either never brought into the Trump stupidity or have seen the light, I am truly sorry for what you have been through. I hope that Biden can bring peace back to the country.


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