The Damage Candy Floss Shows Can Do

I live in a black and white world. Being autistic I see things very black and white. When I found that Netflix shows Heartbreak High and it has me thinking. It had me thinking about the shows I grew up with, the shows that my parents didn't like, and the shows that were available to me.

Heartbreak High was one of the shows that my parents did not approve of. It contained sex, teenage pregnancy, violence, poverty, and everything like this. My parents wanted me to watch shows like sweet valley high and the babysitters club. This however I can now see in the cold light as something that can be harmful to people with autism. Because I see things are in black and white being spoon fed the candy floss shows really warped the world that I live in. It warped what I saw what black and what I saw as white. It gave me expectations that were not real.

If there are shows like Biker Grove, Degrassi Junior High, Heartbreak High and Grange Hill then kids need to watch them. They are the noncandy floss image of what the world is. 

I find that TV today has swung too far to the candy floss side of things now. We have gone back into telling kids that princesses can be made out of the poor little girl. We tell them that a Prince can save the world and that bullies will never win. It is a damaging notion when you are telling kids and raising them to just wish on a dream. 

The truth is life is hard. There are people who have kids who should not have them. There are evil people in the world. There is crime. The world is dying but still we teach kids that love will conquer all. Kids need to know that boys and girls get into trouble, boys love boys, girls love girls, parents can be abusive, whilst you do love people, it could be an abusive relationship. By shielding kids then they are going to find out the hard way.



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