The American 1st Amendment

I am sick of people using the 1st Amendment as a reason to fight for or against Donald J Trump.

"The First Amendment provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So let's take this one step at a time. The 1st Amendment says that CONGRESS MAKE NO LAW to hurt free speech. The last time I checked Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were not Congress. If there has been another election where the social media platforms have been voted into Congress I will listen. Unless your Constitution has a law that tells private companies they can't block any form of speech, you have nothing to stand on. As Judge Judy would say, your founding fathers "memorialized" your basic rights. You do not have a right under the constitution to have a Twitter account. Unfortunately for you people claiming the 1st Amendment as a fighting tool your morons.

That's your 1st Strike

So next it mentions it Protects Freedom of Speech. No Doy, that is why Donald Trump has been allowed to insult people across the globe for 4 years. Just like I am free to write this blog and you are free to comment. I am also free to delete block or report you. Private Companies when they set up their platform have rules and standards that all users have to abide by. If they are choosing not to enforce for whatever reason that is their choice. If, like after the riots on Wed  6 they decide to enforce the rules that again is their choice. 

So that's your 2nd Strike.

It protects the press and the right of assembly. Again people have been claiming what happened on Wednesday was a protest and people had just assembled. However, ladies and gents, I have been to a few protests and silent marches which were assemblies. Not once in those situations did 10 Downing Street get stormed and no one peed and pooped and damaged things inside. When this happens it is not an assembly it is a RIOT. Maybe you got swept up in the movement of the crowd and you were a legitimate protestor, however when you actively hit someone, spat on someone, injured someone, damaged something, or defiled something you became a rioter and your best intentions became null and void. You could have left when you started hearing the progressively hateful and emotion-evoking language but you choose to stay. You made that choice and you now have to live with the consequences of the day's riots. If you cant see that these were riots then either you need a morality check or an IQ check. I do not know which one it is... Speak to your local family doctor.

Now that is 3 strikes your out.

As this is a blog and not baseball however I will give you a 4th and final shot at this argument. The last part of the amendment says "and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Where was the petitioning on Wednesday. I saw the confederate flag, I saw scary scenes which in the backdrop of the night looked like the Capitol Building was on fire but I did not see one single citizen stand in front of the electoral college petitioning. I saw riots and this is not covered in your 1st Amendment Right!

Free speech is important in ANY democracy but when you have a leader who is not asking for a peaceful handover and not saying "oh well, we lost, we can try again in 4 years" and instead invites people to almost create the North/South divide again the you are walking in dangerous waters.

If this is not sorted out correctly no matter what damage COVID-19 did to your economy a CIVIL WAR will decimate. I implore all Americans whether you are democrat or republican to put aside your differences and bring the country together and participate in your democratic rights that your forefathers wrote and memorialized so many long years ago.


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