Promise for the year

2020 was a seriously bad year for all of us. COVID-19 terrorized all of us and it is not going away yet. Yes, we have vaccines out there but until we are all vaccinated we still have the risk of infection. 

So, New Years has a different meaning this year. In previous years we set up New Year resolutions for the next year and try and complete them. It almost seems pointless this year. Instead of resolutions, I decided I will make promises from what I have learned through the pandemic.

So here are my promises;

I promise:

1)   To continue to put my own wellbeing first and only do extra things if I am well enough to do so and not let myself get run down.

2)    To work on me physically, mentally, and educationally so that I can better myself and learn more.

3)    To let those who are important to me know how much they mean to me and never let them be alone.

4)    To be the best piggie mummy that ever lived.

5)    To make the best use of the isolation and when I can go back outside to never take that for granted again.

6)    To continue to spread love and kindness across the world.

These are my promises that I will hopefully work to keeping to this year.


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