If you are choosing to not follow restrictions in place to protect people from the pandemic. It is important that you have to stay home. If you are breaching the rules then you are being mean and nasty. You are putting people at risk and that you are being selfish.

It is not for people to break the rules. I don't care if you think that this pandemic is a hoax you legally have been asked to stay at home. If you are choosing to not do this you are just being absolutely selfish. I was starting to have hope seeing the figures were going down and I got the figures today and it is increasing again. 

I have been stuck at home since March and this is going to continue. I am not happy about this but all I can do is implore you to be sensible and protect yourself, your family, and everyone else. How, do you think, lockdowns are going to be eased if the figures are not in the hundreds a day but the thousands. 

Stay safe, stay at home and let's get to the end line.


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