EU and AstraZeneca Arguement

I am so very angry and horrified to see what has been transpiring in the EU over the supply issues with AstraZeneca. 


The UK signed our deal with them to supply the vaccine in December and the EU only did so on Friday. The company has had issues with its factories in Europe and instead of working with the company the EU decide to come after the supplies in the UK. When the UK did not want to give up its supplies the EU decided to try and threaten the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border.


I am glad to see this seems to be resolved but I am so disgusted at the behavior of the EU and especially Ursula Von Der Leyen. It is because of behavior like this, that has been seen over the vaccine that made Brexit possible. Whilst Brexit did not come about during a pandemic there were questionable things that came out of the EU. People saw the EU behave like this and thought, "do you really want these people running things?".


We are amid a GLOBAL PANDEMIC people. There are so many people out there who need the vaccine and politicians throwing their toys out of the pram is not something that should be happening. The politicians who oversee the EU should be working for the citizens of Europe, instead of trying to start fights with other countries. Had the EU not backed away from custom checks on the Irish border they could have started up the troubles again because they were late to the party and threw their toys out of the pram. Had they gone ahead with their custom checks and the troubles started up again I would lay every single death that occurred directly at the European Union’s feet.


I hope that AstraZeneca can get up and running in Europe quickly and get the doses that they need to them as soon as possible. I had my first AstraZeneca jab on Thursday and whilst the side effects of the jab are harsh, I am glad I am getting protected.



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