Celebrity Drama

I love celebrities. What I do not like is celebrity drama and when fans get involved.

In a world where we live on social media, we are bound to see drama online. If fans get involved, then that is when things get even worse. Would you like it if the global social media world got involved in your drama? I know I sure wouldn’t!

Just because something is posted on social media does not mean you have to get involved. Just because one celebrity has an issue with another one does not mean you have to get involved. It does not mean that you have to threaten them or get scary.

I just read about what happened on social media regarding Pauley Perret and Mark Harmon and the backlash she received from fans including talking about what was said about Cote De Pablo. If what she says happened, then honestly who are we to judge her anger. Only 2 people know what happened between them and we as fans do not. So, why judge someone for something you do not know. If you do not like what she has said, just stop following her!

As fans I know it feels like we have to protect those that we idolize but honestly no we don’t! They are grown-up people who can defend themselves. All getting involved in the drama is that you deprive yourself of happiness and sanity. You then end up taking sides with one celebrity over another and no longer enjoy the work that you loved.

So, my message to you all is to stay out of the drama.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay well.




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