Anger at fremium games

This is not aimed at all freemium games. This anger is aimed at those freemium games that advertise that you can win lots of money and never have the intention to payout. I see these games and I always want to give them the benefit of the doubt but the truth is, they will never let you get to the point where you can cash out and if you do, they will never actually cash you out.

When we are in a global pandemic where people have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay the bills I find that this kind of selfish advertisement is ridiculous. Not only do these games never payout, they are very rarely good quality games. You are taking advantage of people who are desperate and not even, making it worth their while. If you made a decent game where the concepts are not stolen from other games and made it enjoyable, it may take away the sting that you will never get money from it but you won't even do that.

If you are going to advertise that you can win money on a game then actually do this. How much money do you get from the ads that are watched from the games themselves? You are racking it in and never delivering on what you promise gamers. You should be ashamed.


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