A Good Landlord

A good landlord is worth their weight in gold. 

I want to write this because I have an amazing landlord. I know there is a lot of badness around private rented landlords which I was very worried about when I first moved on my own. Honestly, it scared me. "What if my landlord is dodgy?" "What if they hate me?" I was a mess.

However, I have lucked into amazing landlords. 

My landlords have helped me out so much. They are always kind to me. I have been ill for a few weeks now and my flat has gotten on top of me. Instead of chastising me, they say "you live alone and have been sick for ages no wonder it got on top of you". 

They have been looking at other ways to help me and keep me safe and going. even to the point knowing I have been ill keeping their masks on all the time. Not because I make them but because they want to keep me safe. They know how sick I have been and they don't want to risk me getting sick again.

Good landlords are worth their weight in gold and I will always love these guys.


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