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EU and AstraZeneca Arguement

I am so very angry and horrified to see what has been transpiring in the EU over the supply issues with AstraZeneca.    The UK signed our deal with them to supply the vaccine in December and the EU only did so on Friday. The company has had issues with its factories in Europe and instead of working with the company the EU decide to come after the supplies in the UK. When the UK did not want to give up its supplies the EU decided to try and threaten the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border.   I am glad to see this seems to be resolved but I am so disgusted at the behavior of the EU and especially Ursula Von Der Leyen. It is because of behavior like this, that has been seen over the vaccine that made Brexit possible. Whilst Brexit did not come about during a pandemic there were questionable things that came out of the EU. People saw the EU behave like this and thought, "do you really want these people running things?".   We are amid a GLOBAL PANDEMIC peop

Autism - Emotion

I do not know if this is something that all autistic people go through, I know for me I struggle with getting seriously emotional. When I get emotional people think I am weird because their response to the same situation may not be the same as mine. The most recent thing that I have been struggling with is the fact that I let my landlords down.   Since Christmas I had had problems with my health and my home care of the flat was ignored. Unfortunately, we had a rodent problem within my block and when my landlords came to check out the situation in my flat it was a mess. I was so ashamed that I had let it get so bad. I love my flat, I love my landlords, and to see the let down in their messages to me honestly, I was devastated. I am not good at social things and I can miss social queues so when I can read the sadness in their texts and the frustration honestly you know you screwed up.   But you have to make it through the bad times and hope for the best. If I can hold off until J

Celebrity Drama

I love celebrities. What I do not like is celebrity drama and when fans get involved. In a world where we live on social media, we are bound to see drama online. If fans get involved, then that is when things get even worse. Would you like it if the global social media world got involved in your drama? I know I sure wouldn’t! Just because something is posted on social media does not mean you have to get involved. Just because one celebrity has an issue with another one does not mean you have to get involved. It does not mean that you have to threaten them or get scary. I just read about what happened on social media regarding Pauley Perret and Mark Harmon and the backlash she received from fans including talking about what was said about Cote De Pablo. If what she says happened, then honestly who are we to judge her anger. Only 2 people know what happened between them and we as fans do not. So, why judge someone for something you do not know. If you do not like what she has said,

COVID-19 Vaccine

  I would like to write this post to those people who are considering whether you should have the covid vaccine. I am not writing this post to argue for or against vaccinations. I firmly believe in the right to choose if you have a vaccine or not, however, I only accept well thought out arguments. If you come to me and say, “I don't believe in vaccines, they will give my child autism!” then I will not be listening to what you say because this is junk science. If, however, you come to me with a well thought out argument to why you will not have a vaccine I will listen. I may not agree with you, but I will respect your right to choose.   It is really important that during this pandemic everyone thinks about whether or not they will get the covid vaccine. At the beginning of this pandemic, I came down with covid symptoms. I had shortness of breath, my temperature was 37.8, I was coughing so much I was giving myself daily migraines, and to be honest, I was scared to death to even g

A Good Landlord

A good landlord is worth their weight in gold.  I want to write this because I have an amazing landlord. I know there is a lot of badness around private rented landlords which I was very worried about when I first moved on my own. Honestly, it scared me. "What if my landlord is dodgy?" "What if they hate me?" I was a mess. However, I have lucked into amazing landlords.  My landlords have helped me out so much. They are always kind to me. I have been ill for a few weeks now and my flat has gotten on top of me. Instead of chastising me, they say "you live alone and have been sick for ages no wonder it got on top of you".  They have been looking at other ways to help me and keep me safe and going. even to the point knowing I have been ill keeping their masks on all the time. Not because I make them but because they want to keep me safe. They know how sick I have been and they don't want to risk me getting sick again. Good landlords are worth their weight

The Damage Candy Floss Shows Can Do

I live in a black and white world. Being autistic I see things very black and white. When I found that Netflix shows Heartbreak High and it has me thinking. It had me thinking about the shows I grew up with, the shows that my parents didn't like, and the shows that were available to me. Heartbreak High was one of the shows that my parents did not approve of. It contained sex, teenage pregnancy, violence, poverty, and everything like this. My parents wanted me to watch shows like sweet valley high and the babysitters club. This however I can now see in the cold light as something that can be harmful to people with autism. Because I see things are in black and white being spoon fed the candy floss shows really warped the world that I live in. It warped what I saw what black and what I saw as white. It gave me expectations that were not real. If there are shows like Biker Grove, Degrassi Junior High, Heartbreak High and Grange Hill then kids need to watch them. They are the noncandy f

Dear Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other Health Care Professionals

I know you have been struggling. This pandemic has tested your resolve in ways you never thought that it would. You are worn out. You miss your families and still have to deal with the angry relatives who cant see theirs. I bet you have been yelled at, cursed at, and even had to deal with people being violent. You have had to see so much death that you wonder whether you will ever look at death in the same way again. I know you feel that no one cares. You feel that despite still being in the same situation as we were last year the clapping has stopped and you think that if you ended up on a COVID ward as a patient no one would care. Here is the thing though. I CARE. You medical heroes are the reason why this pandemic has not killed more. Your brave resilience is the reason people like myself can still access physio, get our medications and keep as healthy as we can. It is because of people like you who are able to help still the vulnerable get up off the floor when they have fallen. Yo

Anger at fremium games

This is not aimed at all freemium games. This anger is aimed at those freemium games that advertise that you can win lots of money and never have the intention to payout. I see these games and I always want to give them the benefit of the doubt but the truth is, they will never let you get to the point where you can cash out and if you do, they will never actually cash you out. When we are in a global pandemic where people have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay the bills I find that this kind of selfish advertisement is ridiculous. Not only do these games never payout, they are very rarely good quality games. You are taking advantage of people who are desperate and not even, making it worth their while. If you made a decent game where the concepts are not stolen from other games and made it enjoyable, it may take away the sting that you will never get money from it but you won't even do that. If you are going to advertise that you can win money on a game then actually do th


If you are choosing to not follow restrictions in place to protect people from the pandemic. It is important that you have to stay home. If you are breaching the rules then you are being mean and nasty. You are putting people at risk and that you are being selfish. It is not for people to break the rules. I don't care if you think that this pandemic is a hoax you legally have been asked to stay at home. If you are choosing to not do this you are just being absolutely selfish. I was starting to have hope seeing the figures were going down and I got the figures today and it is increasing again.  I have been stuck at home since March and this is going to continue. I am not happy about this but all I can do is implore you to be sensible and protect yourself, your family, and everyone else. How, do you think, lockdowns are going to be eased if the figures are not in the hundreds a day but the thousands.  Stay safe, stay at home and let's get to the end line.

The American 1st Amendment

I am sick of people using the 1st Amendment as a reason to fight for or against Donald J Trump. "The First Amendment  provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." So let's take this one step at a time. The 1st Amendment says that CONGRESS MAKE NO LAW to hurt free speech. The last time I checked Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were not Congress. If there has been another election where the social media platforms have been voted into Congress I will listen. Unless your Constitution has a law that tells private companies they can't block any form of speech, you have nothing to stand on. As Judge Judy would say, your founding fathers "memorialized" your basic rights. You do not have a right under the constitution to have a Twitter account. Unfortunately for you people claiming

Invitation - January 30th

 If anyone out there actually reads this blog, I do often wonder. On January 30th I am going to try and branch out into Periscope. This is not something I take likely as those who I have survived Abuse from could potentially see the video and my face on it but I think it is really important to talk about issues such as disability etc live so you know who you are talking to. Any Questions you have around disability you can submit them to the following places; 1) Leave a comment here; 2) Leave me a DM at sees_nobody on Twitter; 3) Email me at I am happy to talk about disability and what it means to me. I hope you can all be there

Its about Ability Not Disability

I have heard so many people out there who have either said "disabled people are a drain on our society" or from the disabled community in frustration to negative stereotypes just say "who the hell cares". We get lumped into this label of being disabled and people would like to forget that we exist without any further follow-up on what that label really means to the person who wears it. Do you wear your "disabled" label with Pride or Shame? I regularly end up wearing it with shame. When I get laughed at for answering a question literally. An example of this was when I had to appeal to my benefits. This is what happened: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judge: "What would you do if you needed to go out for milk?" Me: "I wouldn't go out" Judge: "Why?" Me: " Well because I don't drink milk so I wouldn't go out to buy it" Judge: (sniggers) "Miss Fricker, you kn


I am horrified by what I witnessed this week coming from the United States of America but to be honest I am and not surprised at all.  Donald Trump, and no I will not call him President Trump because he has forfeited that respect through his actions, held a rally and used language that inspired and violent attempt at taking democracy away. For those who do not know why this happened it is simple, he lost the last election.  The way that the elections work is that there is an initial election but the result has to be ratified before the president-elect can take over. Donald Trump lost the election and in a bid to steal the rightly appointed candidates win, insighted a violent siege on the capitol. This siege left 5 people dead. This behaviour is unprofessional and should not have happened and yet Donald Trump and many Republican politicians have defended this and jumped on to the bandwagon of "the election was stolen".  So here are my thoughts; 1) Any Republican who was dumb e

Promise for the year

2020 was a seriously bad year for all of us. COVID-19 terrorized all of us and it is not going away yet. Yes, we have vaccines out there but until we are all vaccinated we still have the risk of infection.  So, New Years has a different meaning this year. In previous years we set up New Year resolutions for the next year and try and complete them. It almost seems pointless this year. Instead of resolutions, I decided I will make promises from what I have learned through the pandemic. So here are my promises; I promise: 1)    To continue to put my own wellbeing first and only do extra things if I am well enough to do so and not let myself get run down. 2)     To work on me physically, mentally, and educationally so that I can better myself and learn more. 3)     To let those who are important to me know how much they mean to me and never let them be alone. 4)     To be the best piggie mummy that ever lived. 5)     To make the best use of the isolation and when I can go back outside to n