To all "ugly" single ladies

*Note in this post I am naming celebrities but I do not know them. I am using them as examples of "typically" beautiful people. I don't know if they would date someone who looked like me.

I can honestly say, and I have been open about this, I have body image issues. I make no hidden fact about this. Some people out there think that if you look like I do and are single at my age you should be grateful for what comes your way in the love department.


You may not be a "typical" beauty but you can have a beauty that transcends looks. I do not mean your internal body parts but your personality. 

One of my favorite quotes comes to mind from Criminal Minds when Garcia says to Morgan "I'm not the girl men see across a smokey bar and write songs about". This for me brings in the idea the gorgeous men like Shemar Moore would go for women who look like Kristen Vagueness. It is something that we have to live with every day. I mean I would be the first person to eat my words if a gorgeous celebrity turned up at my front door and declared their undying love for me but the likelihood of that happening..... well I am likely to win the lottery before then. I would also say I do not know Shemar Moore and do not know what he is like as a person. If he is like Derek Morgan I am sure he is a wonderful guy.

However just because we can't get the Shemar Moore's, the Billy Burke's, the Robert Davi's, the Chris Noth's, or the Ben Bass' of this world does not mean you have to settle. If you have beautiful inside then you should hold out for the person, no matter their look that sees your beauty and nurtures it. Who says "I love you no matter what". You don't have to settle for any asshole who says you should because you are not typically beautiful. To go back to Criminal Minds again which has a later quote from Garcia in the same episode "Just 'cause you would not cross a crowded room to hit on me, doesn't mean a more perceptive and less superficial guy wouldn't".  This quote really stuck with me. This quote stuck for a few reasons. Kristen Vagueness whilst a beautiful lady is also not a skinny person and her character Garcia oozed individuality. It is very rare that you see people who look like me on the telly so for this to be from her really showed that you don't have to settle. Just because you don't have the body of AJ Cook or the looks of Halle Berry etc doesn't mean the right person is not out there for you. If you find that men are walking past you for the typical beauties it just means they're blind to the awesomeness that is you.


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