Kindness has not been forgotten

Despite it being a tough year the world has not forgotten kindness. This has made me smile. 

In the South East of England, we have gone into Tier 4 which is a "stay at home" tier. It means a lot of people are going to be alone for Christmas. 

However, what I have seen since we have been in tier 4 has brought tears to my eyes. I have seen a woman offer to make Christmas dinners and bring them to people living alone. I have seen women who have said they will give you money to get your gifts to your kids. My landlord has given me a Christmas present. Companies I have seen are helping people in debt.  Organizations who are just sitting and talking to people on their own.

Honestly, kindness has not evaporated with the usefulness of the year. This has been a year of hell. Some of this has been brought on ourselves through the way we treat the planet. It has also gone on because of how we treat each other and the way in which we think we are owed something.

Kindness is something we need more of in this world. If you can do more acts of kindness please do so. You will never know how much this means to someone.


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