Tips for Natural Disaster

We have seen an increase in natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic it can make you feel like you have lost control. So here is a way to take back control.

1) Have a go-bag ready. This should contain a copy of all your important documents, 2 pairs of clothes including underwear, phone chargers, at least 1 jumper if it is in the winter and at least 1 week's supply of medication.

2) If you have pets have a pet go-bag for example my pet go-bag is a carrier that is close to the guinea pig cage, a backpack that has sawdust, hay, and food that should last for a few days. I also have a portable water bottle so that they do not dehydrate on the evacuation journey.

3) Have an evac plan for yourself and don't wait until you are told to leave. My evac plan is to go to London and be with my family. I live on the 1st floor so if I was to get flooded badly enough that it reached my flat then they probably would not let me back in to assess damage as it would flood the basement and the ground floor so there would be concerns of structural damage. You also do not want to be one of the last to evacuate because that could be a serious danger to you and your life especially in flood situations.

4) Never evac without your phone, always know where it is and make sure if you have any warnings of flood, tornado, fire, or hurricane that you make sure your phone has at least 50% battery on it - you can always charge it when you get to the evac point.

5) Make sure you have some food with you that you can eat i.e. sandwiches, fruit, buiscuits etc.

6) When you have made sure you are safe check for others as well but make sure you are safe first. You do not go for other people first because you can put your own life in danger.

7) More of a humanity survival tip - If you go to an evac point please don't be selfish. If you see someone there who is hungry or cold do what you can to help. You will all be going through the same thing so you need to keep humanity even in the worst of times.

Another thing you can do to prepare is just to make sure that you sign up for alerts. You do not want to be caught unaware. 


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