Thank You to Television

I want to say thank you to the following shows;

1) NCIS New Orleans

2) FBI Most Wanted

3) FBI

The reason for this is because these shows have really paid homage to the current situation we all find ourselves in. I want to especially thank NCIS New Orleans for showing what life has really been like for first responders.

They did a two episode premiere with this season which covered the normal criminal cases but also, what it has been like for ships who get infections, coroners and medical professionals, local law enforcement, local businesses, schools, kids and teenagers, and more. This is important because you know what, what happened in New Orleans has happened across the globe so an episode that showed the pain and stress that all these people have been facing has been really amazing to see. It also shows the amazing spirit of compassion that has flourished as a result of COVID-19.

One particular part of the episode was Dwayne Prides half brother used his influence and the True Tone to get care packages to those in need. This for me was absolutely amazing because it is something I have been doing. When I had extra food or been given food that I can't eat, I would donate it to my local NHS Hospital so the staff was able to eat.

FBI and FBI most wanted, made sure that they had face masks on, elbow bumping, and many other things that help promote the right thing that we need to do to get through this pandemic. 

When the world is going to shit, it is important that those who are on television are being responsible and making sure that if they are covering the pandemic to do it justice.

Stay safe, Keep Well and do what you need to do to survive.


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