Repetitive is not always bad

I was told that being autistic and not liking change is probably why I can watch the same thing over and over again. Some people, including my ex, could not understand why I could watch something over and over again. It is even funnier when people see me rewatching shows from pre-2000. The graphics are not as great as they would have been if they had been made within the last 19 years but they are shows I love.

So here is why repetitive watching is not bad. One of my favourites shows post-2000 is Criminal Minds. It is about the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. They use profiles to catch killers. However, what people do not know is that there was a show pre-2000 called Profiler which was the first TV show I could find that was around Profiling. The show had Robert Davi and Ally Walker as main leads with many other people from the 90s.

The things pre-2000 are the shows that precede the things that we see post-2000. Where would R&B be without the original music that was created in the 80s, 70s and 60s? Where would pop be today without people like Karen Carpenter or Neil Diamond? Everything we watch and see post-2000 had to have a beginning.

This for me is where my Repetitive behaviour is an asset to me. I am able to watch and listen to the music I loved before 2000 and appreciate the beginnings of things. This is a strength for me and I will love the fact that I can appreciate it. 

Here is a challenge for you: Watch shows that you loved pre-2000 and see if you can find the connection to post 2000 shows!


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