People with Autism get a bad rap but....

Ok, I have to write this post.

Since Biden has reached 270 before Trump and instead of conceding gracefully, he is throwing his toys out of the pram. Now I look at this and see many people supporting his tantrum and these same people would probably give someone with autism a bad rap for meltdowns.

I can see the next step will be to try and save face he would be claiming his reaction was due to an autistic meltdown.

If you are supporting the ravings of a man who is literally throwing his toys out of the pram please look at the reality of what you are supporting. He claimed "stop the count" yet, his numbers went up from 214 to 232. If the count had been stopped how many of you YOUR votes would not have been counted? Be realistic!

It is important to remember democracy is something that is fluid. It is important for you to remember that every vote in a democracy counts.

If Donald Trump did not win the election it is because people decided that they did not want 4 more years of stupid tweets, ignorance and honestly this does not mean that the election was fixed or there was a level of fraud, it is that people woke up and realized their voice matter!

I am autistic and if I have a meltdown I get slammed by people on the street, people witnessing it and if it was to be posted online I would have to deal with the negative trolls as well. Yet, Donald Trump can throw his toys out of the pram and you praise him. What is going on?


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