Letter to Men

Dear Men

I would like to ask you that if you are going to use a dating app, think about the picture you are putting up.

I started using Facebook dating to see what it is like and honestly, I could not of imagined how many men think the "serial killer" look is attractive. I am sorry it is not. If I see a picture that makes me think of Anthony Hopkins saying "fava beans and chianti" I am going to scroll past you.

Top tips for taking pictures:

1) Don't do the Blair Witch look - honestly not attractive to see what is up your nose!

2) Level photos again do not look good.

3) High angle photos get the best look on you. 

Please can all men promise me that they will stop the serial killer look. Unless you are Ted Bundy, The Yorkshire Ripper, or others of the same ilk there is no such thing as Serial Killer Chic. If you see the range of guys I liked you will know I honestly do not care about looks although, if I get the serial killer look then I am going right past you!

I am actually a person who goes for the connection first. I literally had someone bitch that I did not like his profile when there were two pictures. One looked like something out of the Blair Witch Project and I could see that he was developing a cold! The other was a level photo with such a toothy grin that I could hear a maniacal laugh in my head. None of this is attractive to me so take responsibility for how you present yourself.


From a single Person


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