Democracy not Dictatorship

 I am seriously angry to see Donald Trump throwing his toys out of the pram and winding up the people who still stand by him.

The last time I checked the United States is a democracy which means that every vote is counted no matter how long it takes. This means if you have a hell of a lot more postal ballots they should not be discounted because it's taking too long. 

Donald Trump how dare you self proclaim yourself President because you do not like the fact that people voted for someone else. Your country was built on democracy, not dictatorship. You are fast looking like you are just as bad as Kim Jung Un. How dare you. You need to resign and leave before you make yourself look more like a fool than you have already made. You have spent the last 4 years destroying democracy! Take your lifetime secret service protection and leave!

To the Judicial system of the United States - Unless you have proof that is incontrovertible not the ramblings of a man who can't take losing, do not name him president. The legal count currently stands 290 to 214. Biden has won by a landslide. How about as a compromise, have a complete recount of the country, and slot it for a week worth of counting. Have 3 people from each party at each count and 3 backups for bathroom breaks. That would be the way to prove that the count is legit. Unless you have incontrovertible proof shut Trump down.

It is a democracy not a dictatorship!


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