Beauty doesn't Matter, its what is inside that counts! Yea Right

 I look at the couples nowadays and honestly, I can say those who say that "beauty doesn't matter" are lying out of their asses. I have dating really good looking guys and those who you would not consider the best lookers. Honestly, I do not have a type. Well, I am a type, abusive man, but I do not have a type. I really do think that it is about the personality that counts.

So, why is it that people who say that beauty is not the only thing that matters? I mean it sure as hell helps. How do I compete when every guy is looking for the slim, gorgeous woman out there? I have been told I am a nice person, I am caring, I am fun and I am always trying to do nice things for people but because I am disabled and look the way I do, am overweight due to the meds I am on and no guy looks at me sideways. Personality does not mean anything to men.

I am sick and tired of hearing people say that they are looking for "real people" but when a real person comes along because of their disability, the way they look, or where their from means absolutely nothing. I am not expecting a celebrity to see me and fall head over heels in love with me, but maybe, just maybe a guy who I am interested in does not pass me over for someone skinnier and better looking than me, just once.

All I want from a guy is someone who I am attracted to, makes me laugh, has a romantic streak, who can put up with me and my disabilities without making me feel like crap. I want someone who can care for me in my bad times and celebrate with me in my good times. Most importantly someone who is not abusive.

Beauty matters to men!


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