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Letter to Men

Dear Men I would like to ask you that if you are going to use a dating app, think about the picture you are putting up. I started using Facebook dating to see what it is like and honestly, I could not of imagined how many men think the "serial killer" look is attractive. I am sorry it is not. If I see a picture that makes me think of Anthony Hopkins saying "fava beans and chianti" I am going to scroll past you. Top tips for taking pictures: 1) Don't do the Blair Witch look - honestly not attractive to see what is up your nose! 2) Level photos again do not look good. 3) High angle photos get the best look on you.  Please can all men promise me that they will stop the serial killer look. Unless you are Ted Bundy, The Yorkshire Ripper, or others of the same ilk there is no such thing as Serial Killer Chic. If you see the range of guys I liked you will know I honestly do not care about looks although, if I get the serial killer look then I am going right past you! I

I Wish

As a kid, when it was your birthday you parents would tell you to "Make a wish" when you blew out your candles. I remember mine were always all over the place. I wanted to be a dancer, a singer, an actress, a soldier, a missionary, a teacher, a spy, a millionaire and many many things along this line. Somehow the transition into adulthood changes a person and what means most to them. They go from wishing for aspirations to begging for instant gratification. How many women out there "wish" for Mr Right and settle for Mr Right Here? I was guilty of it too!  The saddest thing for me to realise however is that my wishes are no longer about dreams but survival! In this last month of lockdown I have kept track of my wishes and it makes me sad. I will share some of the things I have wished for. 1) to win the lottery to be able to pay off my crippling debt. 2) if I don't win the lottery, a flood to destroy my flat so I can get a full pay out on my content insurance to cl

Flood Alerts and Isolation

I made the decision at the beginning of the 2nd lockdown that I would be here for Christmas. I think because of the impending move to December I am struggling mentally. The only thing that is keeping me going is knowing I have to stick around for the piggies. I would not leave them without their hooman mummy especially knowing that if something happened to me it could be days or weeks before I was found. I would not and could not do that to them. It does not take the stress of being alone for Christmas. No Christmas decorations or extra money to get some goodies for me to make a proper Christmas dinner. The other worrying thing for me. Last week we had two flood warnings and the shopping centre across the road from me flooded. I am now having to look for ways in which I will be able to grab and go if I need to. It is the only way I will be able to go to London is if there are too many flood alerts that I am concerned. I would then have to stay for a few weeks just to make sure everythi

Thank You to Television

I want to say thank you to the following shows; 1) NCIS New Orleans 2) FBI Most Wanted 3) FBI The reason for this is because these shows have really paid homage to the current situation we all find ourselves in. I want to especially thank NCIS New Orleans for showing what life has really been like for first responders. They did a two episode premiere with this season which covered the normal criminal cases but also, what it has been like for ships who get infections, coroners and medical professionals, local law enforcement, local businesses, schools, kids and teenagers, and more. This is important because you know what, what happened in New Orleans has happened across the globe so an episode that showed the pain and stress that all these people have been facing has been really amazing to see. It also shows the amazing spirit of compassion that has flourished as a result of COVID-19. One particular part of the episode was Dwayne Prides half brother used his influence and the True Tone

Tips for Natural Disaster

We have seen an increase in natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic it can make you feel like you have lost control. So here is a way to take back control. 1) Have a go-bag ready. This should contain a copy of all your important documents, 2 pairs of clothes including underwear, phone chargers, at least 1 jumper if it is in the winter and at least 1 week's supply of medication. 2) If you have pets have a pet go-bag for example my pet go-bag is a carrier that is close to the guinea pig cage, a backpack that has sawdust, hay, and food that should last for a few days. I also have a portable water bottle so that they do not dehydrate on the evacuation journey. 3) Have an evac plan for yourself and don't wait until you are told to leave. My evac plan is to go to London and be with my family. I live on the 1st floor so if I was to get flooded badly enough that it reached my flat then they probably would not let me back in to assess damage as it would flood the basement and the gr

I am not

 I am not.... 1) Beautiful - In the words of Penelope Garzia "I am not the person you would cross a crowded bar for" 2) Skinny - I do not fit into size 10 jeans 3) Lucky - I will never win the lottery or have a rich person to donate to my financial struggle. I am never going to be lucky to meet celebrities or get a decent paid job. But I am also not... 4) Ugly inside - Whilst I am not beautiful I have a good heart; 5) Mean - I am not mean and do not know how to be unless you really provoke me 6) Selfish - I would give you my last penny if I didnt need it and you did. I may not be beautiful, skinny, lucky or rich but I have a good inside and I put many people before myself.

People with Autism get a bad rap but....

Ok, I have to write this post. Since Biden has reached 270 before Trump and instead of conceding gracefully, he is throwing his toys out of the pram. Now I look at this and see many people supporting his tantrum and these same people would probably give someone with autism a bad rap for meltdowns. I can see the next step will be to try and save face he would be claiming his reaction was due to an autistic meltdown. If you are supporting the ravings of a man who is literally throwing his toys out of the pram please look at the reality of what you are supporting. He claimed "stop the count" yet, his numbers went up from 214 to 232. If the count had been stopped how many of you YOUR votes would not have been counted? Be realistic! It is important to remember democracy is something that is fluid. It is important for you to remember that every vote in a democracy counts. If Donald Trump did not win the election it is because people decided that they did not want 4 more years of st

Repetitive is not always bad

I was told that being autistic and not liking change is probably why I can watch the same thing over and over again. Some people, including my ex, could not understand why I could watch something over and over again. It is even funnier when people see me rewatching shows from pre-2000. The graphics are not as great as they would have been if they had been made within the last 19 years but they are shows I love. So here is why repetitive watching is not bad. One of my favourites shows post-2000 is Criminal Minds. It is about the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. They use profiles to catch killers. However, what people do not know is that there was a show pre-2000 called Profiler which was the first TV show I could find that was around Profiling. The show had Robert Davi and Ally Walker as main leads with many other people from the 90s. The things pre-2000 are the shows that precede the things that we see post-2000. Where would R&B be without the original music that was created in

Benefits of Fur Babies

So in August, my landlady, who by the way is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, gave me permission to have caged pets. I went with guinea pigs. I was so glad that she was able to make this allowance for me because I was starting to struggle because of lockdown, COVID-19, and living alone so when I was able to get Bright-Eyes and Chocolate I was over the moon. I have had them for a month and I can tell you that it is amazing. They keep me moving and keep me going with things to do. Instead of spending weekends talk to myself, I spend my time speaking to them. I get my fur baby love in hugs from them and to be honest it makes me smile every time. Honestly, if you are able to get a pet to love and love you, I would suggest it. It has helped me keep motivated including forcing me to go out when I need to make sure that they have everything that they need. Pets can really help you to benefit your mental health.

Mental Health Recovery

I am not ashamed to say that I have struggled with it being Armistice day on November 11th. It has been a hard thing for me ever since 2007. So let me tell you why. My first job was running shops and bars for the armed forces. This was a proud thing for me because my cousin was a Marine previously so supporting our troops was something that I felt proud to do. However, the job is only good in one of two situations; 1) You are transient and move barracks every few months or so; 2) The military personnel were transient so you do not get to know people too well; I spent 3 years on one barracks and I got to meet and know the lads. This was not good. In 2007 6 people I knew including some of their families were killed in action. I was devastated. The response I got from people on base "You're just the NAAFI staff" or worse "they don't need you, they need us". The 2nd statement I fought back on because it wasn't officers the lads were calling at 2 in the morni

Democracy not Dictatorship

 I am seriously angry to see Donald Trump throwing his toys out of the pram and winding up the people who still stand by him. The last time I checked the United States is a democracy which means that every vote is counted no matter how long it takes. This means if you have a hell of a lot more postal ballots they should not be discounted because it's taking too long.  Donald Trump how dare you self proclaim yourself President because you do not like the fact that people voted for someone else. Your country was built on democracy, not dictatorship. You are fast looking like you are just as bad as Kim Jung Un. How dare you. You need to resign and leave before you make yourself look more like a fool than you have already made. You have spent the last 4 years destroying democracy! Take your lifetime secret service protection and leave! To the Judicial system of the United States - Unless you have proof that is incontrovertible not the ramblings of a man who can't take losing, do no

Beauty doesn't Matter, its what is inside that counts! Yea Right

  I look at the couples nowadays and honestly, I can say those who say that "beauty doesn't matter" are lying out of their asses. I have dating really good looking guys and those who you would not consider the best lookers. Honestly, I do not have a type. Well, I am a type, abusive man, but I do not have a type. I really do think that it is about the personality that counts. So, why is it that people who say that beauty is not the only thing that matters? I mean it sure as hell helps. How do I compete when every guy is looking for the slim, gorgeous woman out there? I have been told I am a nice person, I am caring, I am fun and I am always trying to do nice things for people but because I am disabled and look the way I do, am overweight due to the meds I am on and no guy looks at me sideways. Personality does not mean anything to men. I am sick and tired of hearing people say that they are looking for "real people" but when a real person comes along because of t