What does "So you see" mean to me

Dhar Man has come out with merchandise with the slogan "So You See" out which is amazing. If you do not know "so you see" is used a lot in his videos to explain the situation that comes about. It usually has a positive ending to the message after a trial or tribulation.

For his launch he was asking "What does So You See mean to you".

For me, So You See, means a lot to me. I can use it to explain a lot of myself. I was diagnosed with many conditions which has led me to struggle through my life. Some of this comes from being born in the wrong decade where medical conditions that I had were not attributed to females. 

I have to deal with two mental health conditions and physical disabilities. I deal with autism and dyslexia and asthma. I really struggle a lot in my life. I struggle with work, personal life and many more. My self image is completely shot most of the time wondering "when will my Vin come into my life". 

But I would not change any of the struggles I go through or have gone through in the past.

"So You See" without these struggles I would not be the person I am today. Everything that I have been through has lead me to the place I am now. I still wish one day I will win the lottery or be the beneficiary of some random act of kindness but it is not something I am dependant on. My struggles have made me accept my disabilities as well as accept that I will not be able to have a relationship but I am ok with that because I am ok with being on my own.

To me "So You See" are 3 words that simply says acceptance acceptance acceptance. It does not mean acceptance from others but acceptance of your self. It is ok to struggle, It is ok to be yourself and love yourself for it.

Be kind to yourself because the only love that you can count on is the love for yourself. 



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