The hardest thing

The hardest thing for people in shielding is the loneliness and feeling like a second class citizen.

There are so many people out there who think that people who are high risk should stay indoors and stay away from the public so that everyone else can get back to normal. This is the worst thing to see in the street, online and in the media. I work, I pay taxes and I volunteer so why should I basically be in prison because people don't want to do things like wear a face mask. I have committed no crime, I have have broken no law and yet people expect me to stay indoors 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am not a second class citizen.

How about this, if people really think this is the way to go, build the clinically vulnerable and the extremely clinically vulnerable housing ( a gated community where everyone has a garden) and all shielders move there. Gas, Electric, Council tax and internet gets paid by the government and supermarkets create a system where deliveries in the morning go to the gated community and the afternoon goto the rest of the public. Oh, and the rent is only £100 per month.

When we shield we get kept indoors and have to battle for food delivery. Our utilities are increased because we have to be indoors 24/7 and those who do not have a garden cant even get any form of exercise. Yet people want to lock us up because they do not want to social distance or wear a mask. How bloody dare you.

The loneliness is also extremely difficult. This is hard especially for those of us who live alone. When you get stuck inside and you cant see anyone. It really takes a tole on your mental health. I am probably not even get to spend Christmas with my family because of shielding. Can you image what it feels like to know that I will be alone at Christmas. 

Shielding is hard, and those who have to shield will learn that we have to survive. But maybe everyone who is not a shop worker, hospital worker, police officer, fire fighter, GP, NHS staff, Paramedic or military gets made to shield. You would see what it feels like.


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