Support Each Other

We are still in a wave of this pandemic where the numbers can surge at any moment. When you let yourself relax on social distancing and facemasks, the numbers increase. So, what exactly is important?

What is important is that we do not loose our Humanity. It is easy to say, "Oh no, there is a pandemic and I will clear the shelves and take care of me" but what about those who still have to attend their work places. Those who can not be furloughed but, because you have taken all the food they can not eat.

During this pandemic we need to SUPPORT EACH OTHER! and I can not stress that enough. Here are some steps that you can do to support people around you during this crisis:

  1. Stick to your normal shopping habits. DO NOT PANIC SHOP!
  2. If you have the space, bulk buy from places like Amazon or Costco. Aside from the fact this will be cheaper for you, it leaves essential supplies for those who are key workers;
  3. Use social media to reach out and support people, also make the social media platform unhospitable for trolls;
  4. If you know people who are shielding, find ways to connect with them so they do not feel alone;

This pandemic is making it hard for everyone. But, here is something that you should know, WE WILL GET THROUGHT THIS. Some people however, will have lost their humanity because of it and others will have gained theirs. Which person, do you want to be when this pandemic is over, someone your proud of, or someone who will bury their heads in the sand.

If anyone reads this and has been or is likely to be a shielder in the next lockdown (no matter what country) let me know, I have set up a shielders group where we can support each other.


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