Personal Responsibility

I have been told I am heartless and that I am only calling for personal responsibility because Donald J Trump supposidly had COVID-19 and that I apparently hate him. This is not true. I have been calling for people to take responsibility for their actions with respect of COVID19 since I had symptoms back in March April Time.

So for point one, I do not hate Donald J Trump. In fact at the beginning I believed that whilst some of his wording was ridiculous but I thought he had the making of some decent policies. Unfortunately the longer his presidency went on, I saw him for what he was a racists. I do not hate him though. In a free country we are free to believe in anything that we want to believe in. However, those who live and work in the public light should hide thei worse traits and not allow them to impact their work. I do not hate him. I do not even dislike him. I do not feel anything for the man except for maybe pity.

In terms of me only claiming personal responsibility well I have been claiming this since March April time when I had COVID19 symptoms and got very very sick.

I have underlying conditions 4 of which I was born with or developed at a young age. My spinal problems I was born with, Asthma I was born with, born or developed Autism and born or developed dyslexia. Depression and PTSD I developed. My conditions that I was born with or developed at a young age, I did not do anything wrong. Over time my spinal problems evolved and got worse, again as a side effect of life and getting older. Not my fault.

When COVID hit the shores here I took the gamble. I tried to social distance but, if it was a choice of being laid up in bed for a week to go round the houses to social distance or cut through a crowd I cut through the crowd. I did not have face masks because I had shielded basically before I left London and no matter where I looked in London I could not find a face mask. I looked when I got back to my home in Kent and could not find any. So I went out once a week a day as per restrictions but I had no face mask. The end result, I GOT SICK!

When I said, I got sick I mean I got sick. It was a sunday and I was putting away my asda order. It came on so quickly and started with a solitary cough. I brushed it off thinking, something went down the wrong way. I had a couple of other solitary coughs and that led to a full blown coughing fit. The coughing fit was so bad I could barely breath. I immediately took my tempreture and it was .2 degrees away from the COVID Dangerzone. I called 111 immediately and they put me through to the COVID Team. They decided they basically I had COVID but I was unable to goto hospital. Mainly because I was too scared which means that I fought going to hospital which would have got me a test to prove.

After 3 days of being treated with serious anti-biotics and steorids I was catagorically told if I had not made a a big recovery by the friday I would be going into hospital and no arguements. I could barely breath. Everything that I did I had to take extra breath to do. I swear I felt like I was about to passouut just rolling over in bed. I stood still to do the washing up and I felt like I was going to hit the floor. I was sleeping for 16 hours at a time. I would then wake up, spend maybe 2 hours up and sleep for another 16 hours. My line manager was calling me every other day and I was can honestly say it felt like proof of life calls. I found out after how worried she had been about me.

I took those gambles at the start of the pandemic. There was no way to know who infected me or if they had even been showing symptoms when they infected me. I could have gotten it on the train, somewhere in London or in Kent. I cant blame them because it was the start of the pandemic. So who is there to blame? The simple truth is that I have to blame myself. I didnt take the risks to me seriously enough and I paid the price. I have now had to stop my anti-inflamatories for my spine as they now have had a long lasting effect on my breathing. I have had 4 chest infections since I had COVID19 as well. To put this into perspective, before COVID19 I never had chest infections in the summer. I am now working on my 4th one. I link this to having had COVID19.

If you do not take responsibility for your own health, do not wear a face mask or social distance and get COVID19 the only person you have to blame is yourself. If you get it and dont isolate yourself from family and they get sick, you blame yourself. If you get sick and die, that is on you too. You can't blame everyone else for you not taking your health and safety seriously and then get sick. You know what works and you choose to ignore it. If you get sick then it is on you.

Social distancing and face masks are not 100% safe by no means. If you follow all guidance and still get sick that is not on you. You have done what you can but the truth is there is no 100% safe way to not get rid of COVID19. It is unfortunate but if you do what you can to stop the spread you have taken that responsibility and I applaud you.

The reason why you get COVID19 badly is because of the viral load which is why some people get serious cases and why some do not. If you do not social distance or wear a face mask you are risking getting a higher viral load. If you get the higher viral load you are more likely to get sick. This is why multi layered face masks help. Breath is a gas that is so small you cant see it so when you are breathing out some of the breath goes through but the rest is stopped by the layers. This helps to reduce the viral load. Obviously you can not make a mask that completely stops air going in and out otherwise you would suffocate. Social distancing works because particals are all still subject to gravity. It is believed by scientists that 2 meters is the closest you can be to someone where the particals cant reach you completely. They do not work 100% but if everyone social distances and wears a mask out in public (aside from those who are exempt) then we can reduce the viral load in public spaces.

We need to do this for our health professionals. If we do not get the virus under control then we can look at more lockdowns.

If you do not want a lockdown and protest in manners that are not safe and possible ways that spread the virus then you are assisting in a the need for them. Please people GET YOUR HEADS ON STRAIGHT and think about what you are doing.

Lastly I need to say, if you develop symptoms you HAVE TO ISOLATE. If you live with people you need to isolate from them too so that you are not risking them as well.


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