Dear England,

I am seriously getting frustrated with you. I am verging on being officially a shielder again and seeing that Boris is looking at a 2nd lockdown I am just fed up. I am not fed up with protecting myself, I am not fed up with working from home. I am fed up with the Bull Shit that has been going on.

Leadership in this pandemic

Let's start with the biggest thing I am annoyed with. Dominic Cummings broke lockdown restrictions during the first lockdown. He and his wife tested positive and drove from London to Durham with their kids. COVID can come up really suddenly so they could have caused an accident and with the fact that this virus can be spread in the air, they could have infected many people. I can't imagine that they drove without making a pit stop for the child for food, toilet, or gas. He then went onto say "I had problems with my eyesight so I took my wife and child for a drive to Barnard Castle". Now if that is the case then he is a neglectful father as anyone who has bad eyesight should not be behind the wheel of a car, and if it's not true he is using it as an excuse to break lockdown, this makes him a liar.

Boris, you chose not to punish him for his actions and it has sent the wrong message to the rest of the country that if your rich you can break the rules with impunity. If you do call for a new lockdown then may I suggest you either call Marshall Law or use the military to support the police. They will have a hell of a time enforcing the second lockdown. You have made this rod for your own back.


YOU IDIOTS WHO HAVE BEEN PROTESTING HAVING A SECOND LOCKDOWN ARE DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!!!!!!!!! You do not want another lockdown yet, you refuse to protest responsibly and wear a mask as well as social distance. The reason COVID-19 is worse than the flu is that it can spread faster than the flu!! So you go to these protests risking many people, increasing the likelihood that the numbers would go up, and then bitch about the fact that we have to possibly go back to lockdown. Now unless you are brain dead or complete morons you have no one left to blame but yourselves. Why don't you spend less energy being a muppet and more time doing what you are supposed to? How many of you who have attended protests have gotten sick? I would love it if NHS staff could ask the questions on admission, "have you been at an anti-lockdown protests" and publish your name.


The amount of social media messages seeing people saying that their neighbors, friends, families, and colleagues are having parties, breaking their tier restrictions, or other things I swear I want to cry. COVID-19 is a virus. It doesn't have an alarm clock that says "It's midnight now we can start infecting people now" It will infect you whether you're at a party or not. It does not say "well you have 30 people there, we won't infect you till after midnight when you hit tier 2" WISE UP  If you start doing what you're supposed to be doing then we can reduce the number of cases we have. Your grandparents and great grandparents were able to survive bombs being dropped on their heads and you cant survive being inside with live tv, Netflix, internet, etc. What the hell?

Confusion over communication

All politicians need to be a hell of a lot clearer about the things you are enacting. The exact Do's and Dont's such as "if you are bubbling your support bubble has to be in your local area" etc. This is not something that is out there right now and we need to have more clarity so people do not abuse the systems in place.

Disability discrimination

Since the country has been hit with COVID there has been a view of your disabled stay in so I can do what I want. Honestly, this is sickening. We all have to work together to get this fixed and sorted. If you want to be selfish go be selfish but don't bitch when you get COVID and then have to shield after. COVID sucks. I am still recovering from having it back in March/April Time. You do not want this.

I am one stage away from being officially shielding. Since I had Covid symptoms there has been confusion as to whether I should shield. I am now one stage away from being officially and mandatorily a shielder. I have committed no crime, I have broken no law, but I am willing to try and do my best to make sure that I do my best to protect people around me. Why can you not be less selfish out there and do your bit to. If we have a national lockdown it is to hope that you can have a larger gathering at Christmas and new years. We are at this point because you didnt listen and you didnt follow the rules and honestly be sensible.

Do what you need to do and stop bitching!


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