Autism & Change - Again!

I am a big advocator for change. I know that sounds mad being autistic but I like to push myself. I am more used to changes when I have made the change myself. When, however, someone makes the change for me, all bets are off.

I am currently awake at 22:39 because the change in my flat is Chocolate and Bright Eyes. They are my 8-week old guinea pigs. What I did not imagine is the changes in the noises in the flat. I seem to be sleeping very light and they are doing things in the dark. This is causing noises that I am not used to. I can't explain to them that they need to behave and that I need to get used to them just as much as they need to get used to me. 

I can see there is going to be an adjustment period. 

I really believe that autistic children and adults should have their own pets. Pets are something that can give a person with autism some stability that they are crying out for. It is so important that we have something that is our comfort when we are struggling and that is what a pet can be.

I bonded with these two beauties already or should I say, I fell in love with them immediately. I saw them and just knew they had to be mine. I am so glad that my refund came in early. Now I have to deal with the changes in the flat.


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