We are strong together

This pandemic has really hit hard for a lot of people. No one is immune for this pandemic. It has hit us financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It does not care whether you are rich or poor, whether you are black or white, jewish or christian. It will hit us all.

What I want to say to everyone is that you should not give up trying. It is not something that we can escape from however, we can stay strong. I know it is hard, we see people in government doing their own thing and expecting us to do the hard stuff however, we are strong. We can survive this pandemic. We can not survive this on our own though. We are social creatures and when we can't socialise it affects us badly. We can get through this.

What we need to do is be realistic. We need to social distance, we need to wear a mask when we are in the store and we need to not over whelm our medical professionals. If we run out of tests then we will be back in the same position we were in back in March and no one wants that. No one wants us to go back into a full lockdown. That will be bad for our economy and risk bringing up the mental health issues. What if the numbers go so high that our poor medical staff have to make choices about who is worth saving? Do we want to put that burden on them? They give up so much for us in this pandemic by staying away from their families, coming out of retirement and cutting themselves off do we want them to have to make that decision too? Have that weigh on them for the rest of their lives, the people they could have saved but statitics decided that they were less likely to be saved by someone else. Do you think you could stand that? By staying together however, supporting each other we can honestly stop this happening across the country. We need to stand together and show solidarity to those who support us and do what we need to do to get this virus under control.

Please remember that we are not alone. We are not alone and there are people going through the same things across the country and across the globe. So, reach out if you are struggling.

We are in this together so please please please think before you decide to break the rules. We will survive this, together.


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