My heart aches for the Law Enforcement Community tonight

Today my heart is aching.

A police officer was shot and killed in London. I do not care whether you are pro or anti police this is heart breaking.

We need to be supporting our brave men and women in uniform. Ignore what the protesters who are calling for the police to be dismantled. We need our police forces. Every single one of us need them. Now here is why:

  1. If we did not have the police who the hell would solve crimes
  2. If you were raped would you want mob justice
  3. Police Officers risk everything they have and are to do what they do, including their lives
  4. Police officers solve the cases that are so traumatising, I would not wish it on anyone. This includes child murders and child molestation.

Can you honestly tell me that you would be ok with turning up to a house where parents have killed their child? Do you think you could get out of that situation unscathed? I bet you couldn't

Police officers see the worst that our world has to offer and do not complain. They have a bad day, go home and come back on their next shift.

Our police forces should be praised!

Yet people in our country and across the globe look at the actions of a small number and tar all police officers with the same brush! I do not understand this at all.

So to all police officers today I say #ThankYouForYourService and for all of the fallen men and women in blue across the world who have paid the ultimate price, #ThankYouForYourSacrifice

If ever anyone in the Law Enforcement comunity ever need someone to talk to please feel free to message me.


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