Anger at protesters

I really need to vent here. I have seen many people protesting the possibility of a second lock down. But, these morons do not social distance and many do not even wear a face mask. I would also like to say, I completely accept that there are people who can't wear a mask but if you look at all the people who did not have a mask on I can not imagine that many people who were exempt would protest in large crowds.

Just because the government eased restrictions it does not mean the pandemic is over. Until we have a treatment this bug is going to spike if we start becoming complacent with social distancing and masks. You have the right to protest but when your protesting lockdown why the hell would you allow your protest to become an infection breeding ground.

If you do things to cause the breeding grounds to spike the number of infections you are bloody making a lockdown a full blown conclusion. You are being seriously stupid and selfish.

So, can I tell you the reality of what you are doing:

  1. Because of what you are doing, infections spike which means lockdown is almost a full blown conclusion;
  2. The first people who are shielders who get sent back inside. Note they are the last people to be let out to!
  3. Death rates spike!
  4. NHS staff are pushed to the limit;
  5. People will panic buy food;
  6. Hospitals may have to start picking and choosing who gets to be treated and who doesnt;

I swear every single one of those protesters should be put on a list and if they contract COVID and the hospitals have to start choosing who to treat then those on the list will be put to the back of the queue. I know that sounds harsh but I honestly believe that should be the plan. There are people who are following the rules and keeping to what their supposed to do and are being extra impacted.

I myself have been impacted seriously financially. I am still doing what I need to do to keep going and keep safe and yet these asswholes are making everything 10 times harder.

Honestly I am getting so sick of this. Yes we have a freedom of speech but come on people, we need to be responsible.


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