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Anger at protesters

I really need to vent here. I have seen many people protesting the possibility of a second lock down. But, these morons do not social distance and many do not even wear a face mask. I would also like to say, I completely accept that there are people who can't wear a mask but if you look at all the people who did not have a mask on I can not imagine that many people who were exempt would protest in large crowds. Just because the government eased restrictions it does not mean the pandemic is over. Until we have a treatment this bug is going to spike if we start becoming complacent with social distancing and masks. You have the right to protest but when your protesting lockdown why the hell would you allow your protest to become an infection breeding ground. If you do things to cause the breeding grounds to spike the number of infections you are bloody making a lockdown a full blown conclusion. You are being seriously stupid and selfish.

My heart aches for the Law Enforcement Community tonight

Today my heart is aching. A police officer was shot and killed in London. I do not care whether you are pro or anti police this is heart breaking. We need to be supporting our brave men and women in uniform. Ignore what the protesters who are calling for the police to be dismantled. We need our police forces. Every single one of us need them. Now here is why: If we did not have the police who the hell would solve crimes If you were raped would you want mob justice Police Officers risk everything they have and are to do what they do, including their lives Police officers solve the cases that are so traumatising, I would not wish it on anyone. This includes child murders and child molestation. Can you honestly tell me that you would be ok with turning up to a house where parents have killed their child? Do you think you could get out of that situation unscathed? I bet you couldn't Police officers see the worst that our w

Negativity has no place here

I have been seeing so much negativity around being aimed at people who either are not returning to the office or those who can not wear a mask. It is not something I like to see. I am someone who has asthma and I would be medically exempt from face-masks but I am not willing to risk getting sick again. However, the exemptions to the face masks for people who can not wear them is there for a reason. If you have someone who is not able to breath in a facemask then they should be exempt. If someone has suffered a trauma where covering the mouth and nose and cant wear a mask because of anxiety etc should be exempt. These people should not be judged. Maybe, if there was a way to identify legitimate exempt people then the negativity would go away but, we need to be more considerate. This pandemic is bringing out the best in people and the worst in people. Those in power need to work together to bring countries together instead of breaking them apart. Also thos

We are strong together

This pandemic has really hit hard for a lot of people. No one is immune for this pandemic. It has hit us financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It does not care whether you are rich or poor, whether you are black or white, jewish or christian. It will hit us all. What I want to say to everyone is that you should not give up trying. It is not something that we can escape from however, we can stay strong. I know it is hard, we see people in government doing their own thing and expecting us to do the hard stuff however, we are strong. We can survive this pandemic. We can not survive this on our own though. We are social creatures and when we can't socialise it affects us badly. We can get through this. What we need to do is be realistic. We need to social distance, we need to wear a mask when we are in the store and we need to not over whelm our medical professionals. If we run out of tests then we will be back in the same position we were

What do I bring to the table.

 I just watched a Dhar Mann Video today that has really made me think, especially in the light of a recent event that happened to me. The video was about a husband and a wife. The husband was really angry that his wife only made him a cake for his birthday and listed all the financial resources he put into everything including rent, food, electricity, and cleaning supplies. The wife, obviously upset lists everything she does and it makes him realize that whilst he does contribute financially his wife's contributions are equally as important. Recently I had a message from someone who asked me to drop everything and come to London to attend a party they were throwing and I said no. I explained that as someone who was shielding I have to be really careful what I choose to do outside of the flat, and I could not justify that risk. The message I got back was that I am never there for them and they do everything. I decided to block this person after they chose to block me as well. But in

SUPRENT Corded Hair Clippers for Men - Review

 I brought these hair clippers from and now I am here to review. Price The price of them when I brought them was £26 so it was not that bad considering how much that came with it including size guiders, scissors, bibb, side clip guides, and hair clips. However, I found out why it was so cheap. Product Some of the items that were supposed to be in the box did not arrive with it and one of the size guides was very flimsy and broke.  The worst part of this product was the actual clipper itself. I used it twice. The first time the clipper got hot when I used it but it was bearable. The second time I used it I ended up having to handle it with a tea towel because it got to the point I thought that I would burn my hand. I had to finish cutting my hair nail scissors because I did not dare use it any longer. Whilst using it as well there started to have a smell of burning.  It also did not do a proper shave and had to go over areas again and again. This is not good for people who

British Heart Foundation - Furniture Store Chatham - Review

Today, I used the British Heart Foundation furniture store for the first time. I broke my bed and had to get a replacement as I am struggling with sleeping on a mattress on the floor. So I decided to let you know what I felt of the experience. Location The location of the store is very good. The idea of having it in a shopping center instead of on the street is an amazing idea. You are definitely able to get more footfall then what you could have on the street. Staff The staff was amazing. When I went into the store they were friendly and helpful. It is amazing to see that despite the pandemic people are still able to give up a professional feel and a loving one as well. I can not fault the staff at all.  Product Knowledge The staff were very knowledgeable about what they had and were very good at making sure the customers get the right thing. I asked about beds and mattresses and was informed "the mattresses are all brand new so would be charged separately". It is fantastic

Smile Squad Review

Smile Squad - Review I have been watching Smile Squad for over a year now and am going to review this. Smile Squad Skits These skits are amazing. They are run by Markian, Kurt, and Sam. The skits can be on anything from "what's it like to have a Japenese Boyfriend" or "What's it like to have a friend from Florida". When Covid-19 hit they also did some skits on lockdown as well. The skits are very light-hearted and very funny. Even when they do a skit around a serious issue it is done tastefully. It really helps to lighten the mood. Smile Squad Interviews I have seen some videos from Smile Squad where they have interacted with people from different backgrounds to see what life is like for them. These interviews have included with a Drag Queen, someone with a disability, someone with a stammer. These videos are very informative and done in an amazing way to bring important messages out. I, in fact was encouraged to have a conversation with my line manager when

Why I watch Dhar Mann

Hi all So today, I want to talk to you about the social media influencer Dhar Mann.  If you read about his history you will know that he is an entrepreneur who started his first business at 19. He decided to branch out into motivational videos. When he started that he was on the verge of giving up until one video went viral and it took off from there.   So I have been watching his videos for a couple of years now. You may think that it makes me geeky or a fangirl but it really has helped me. Some of the videos that I really found supporting are:  COVID-19 Rips people off when a stranger teaches him a less.   Boss Harasses assistant and what happens next will shock you  A lady cant afford groceries and a stranger changes her life forever