To all the Bone Heads of the United Kingdom

Please could you stop being stupid? I am a British Citizen living in the UK and having to shield. The reason why we are starting to get a second peak is because of you Bone Heads. Even if you say "oh, its only localised" it does not matter. Whether there is a local lockdown of a national lock down, the people who get mostly affected are those of us who shield. When there is a flare up it will be shielders inside and dont come out till we say so. So when you get to go back to being bone heads the shielders are still stuck inside!

Just because lock down is being eased does not mean that the pandemic is over and done with so why dont you stop thinking of yourselves and start thinking about the good of you and your neighbour!

These flare ups of COVID-19 is because you decided to flock to the beaches. You decided to run to the pub like you had never had a pint of beer or a glass of wine before. You decided to goto the clubs and ignore social distancings. This is on you. This has nothing to do with race, religion, gender, disability or age. Everyone one of you who decided to role the dice and say screw it is responsible for the north of England going back into lock down and you should be ashamed.

Did you not have enough of watching the death figures rising when we were in the first wave? Did you not get enough of worrying about whether or not your parents who are elderly were likely to live if they got COVID? Or do you just not care?

Social Distance, Dont flood to the beach, wear the bloody face-mask properly and start behaving like you actually care!


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