Tired of explaining

 There are so many thing in this world that I love explaining. For example I love explaining the face mask pee theory. I dont know why but I find the explanation hilarious as it is talking about peeing in people... I know childish, please don't judge.

The thing that I am however tired of explaining is dyslexia and autism.

I dont like the idea that just because you have a disability you shouldn't use social media, so I do often...I guess you can tell if your reading this. But when it comes to interacting to others I find I am always either having to preempt "This is my opinion, I hope you understand, I just want to say I am autistic and dyslexic so if I have caused offense it is unintentional and I would like to apologise in advance".  If I am not preempting then its an apology post confusion "really sorry, I misunderstood what you said, please except my apologies I am autistic and dyslexic. I did not mean to cause offence so if I have I am sorry". 

Some people have said to me, if your so tired of explaining then why dont you just leave social media? Well for me I feel why should I leave? There is not a sign on the door that said "disabilities are not welcome on this social media platform" so why would I isolate myself.

For some people, during covid crisis the people who know them on social media, was the only connection to the outside world so, why would we get off of it to make others more comfortable?

Just once I would like to make a mistake without having to explain why I made the mistake. I am just soo tired of it all!


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