The Power of Goodness

 There is a power of goodness that we can harness in ourselves but not everyone considers it worthwhile to harness.

The power of goodness comes from being as helpful as you humanly possibly be. It does not have to be something massive, it can be small acts that can harness the power of goodness in you.

For me, I am doing some autumn cleaning in my flat and I am looking at how I can upcycle or donate what I am giving away will help others. I am looking at what I have and if I can donate it somewhere I will.

An example is, I have many teddy bears and food to donate to a food bank so I am looking to see if they will take both. The food would be for those in need of it and the teddys can be given to customers who had kids or even to volunteers that they could have for theirs. 

It is not something that has to be AMAZING. You only have to do what you can do. It is not something that you have to take out of your way but honestly, the rewards are amazing. 

I am someone who needs to help. It is hard-wired into me and it is something that if I cant do I get stressed so now I am finding ways to help. During this pandemic as someone who has shielded, I struggled to find things to do to help but I keep up the search in finding what I can do.


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