The Environment

It is funny that I am writing this but it is important that we pay attention. Just like COVID-19 the environment is being majorly affected by the stupid people of the world.

We need to protect our environment but there are some people who just do not give a damn and want to do what ever they want and that is how things like increase of eathquakes, vulcanos and storms. If people want to run this planet into the ground then maybe they should all go and live on the international space station and let those of us who want to take care of the planet do so. We cant let this planet die. We do not have the capability to move to another one or even find one.

It is important that we do things like plant bee friendly flowers, stop cutting down trees and look after the planet. Why are we still not able to find sustainable energy to run things that would not kill the planet. We need more people using solar power of wind power.

Lets take care of our planet before we find out that we have killed ourselves by killing the planet.


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