Stopping COVID-19 The reality

Dear Mr Johnson and the UK

There are so many storys about what will happen if an when a local lockdown is enacted or even more dramatic a national lockdown. But no hard facts as yet.

The reality of it is that this country needs to be ashamed. We are an Island and we are being shown up by countries like New Zealand who have had zero infection rate in over 100 days. Pretty sure their a smaller country then ours and yet we cant get it together. Part of the reason they have had such success is that they didnt go through the whole Mass immunisation theory that you did Mr Johnson. Covid hit them and they locked down immediately. Your delay has been a serious over sight.

Now I have been shielding since I had COVID-19 in March and have underlying health conditions that the COVID team told me to shield and I said fine. But it has given me a unique and I mean unique look at what is happening in this country.

I have seen so much stupidity over this it is ridiculous

1) I have seen kids go out in groups of 5+

2) I have seen families meet up in more that one household

3) I have seen people seriously ignore social distancing

4) I have seen people in shops without masks, ore wearing them wrong or even worse, putting them on to get into the shop and then taking it off and pulling it back up when shop staff have walked past

5) I have seen signs around basically telling people with actual mental or physical health condition which give them exemption from a mask to "stop making up conditions, if you have one that exempts you from a mask stay at home"

What I find funny about the last one on this list is that the people who have been shielding, have been extra cautious because of their health or restricting their movement because of their families have actually been the ones who follow the rules and are less likely in my opinion to pass the virus on to anyone. So singling those people out is ridiculous and pretty sure, someone could take offence to that and call it disability discrimination. So if you are a buisness that has a sign like at point 5 I suggest you take it down before someone who is exempt contemplates taking you to court for disability discrimination because the exemptions to the masks are part of the regulations about masks indoors.

Again this is why it would not be good for me to run for Prime Minister because I would make the hard choices consiquences be dammed and no one would like me but here is what I feel from months of watching the news and looking out of my window;

1) A curfew for anyone who is not working (adult and child) to be enforced by 7pm. Exemptions to this would be NHS staff, Police, Fire fighter, transportation, Prison Officers, Royal Mail employees, delivery drivers, Some military personnel who for instance are doing important work that means they have to be outside.

2) If you are caught breaking curfew even if your below the age of 10 your whole house will be put on a legal stay in order which, if you break will be a £500 fine for adults and £250 fine for children of any age

3) if a local lock down is put in place anyone seen breaking the rules of the local lockdown will be subject to arrest and a penalty of up to 30 day incarceration. If the rule breaker is under the age of 10 (age of legal responsibility) it will be a legal stay in order on the whole house as in point 2.

4) All international leisure travel to the UK would be stopped. If you decide to go out on an international holiday then you will be staying there unless it is for reasons of urgent family business. If it is for business or family emergency you will need to file this with the FCO and register IMMEDIATELY on arrival to the country at the embassy.

5) People who break any lockdown rules and ignore social distancing by going to house parties, flood the beachs, or travel to different parts of the country will be placed under house arrest by the Police. House arrest length will depend on where you went, why you went and who you are. If you are a politician or an adviser to the Prime Minister then House Arrest will last as long as a lock down is in place. This is to show that there is not one rule for the country and one rule for the government.

6) For those who fall under medical exemption they will have a badge that they must wear identifying them as medically exempt. This will have to be issued through the government with a letter from your GP. They will not be for sale in retail stores. Anyone claiming medical exemption without the badge or face covering will be by LAW not permitted in any establishment and anyone caught ignoring this law will be closed for 30 days

7) Shielders will have to go back inside and the shielding list will be based on a wider list of people. However, anyone caught by the police not adheering to social distancing or breaking lockdown will also be made to stay inside as in point 5. They will then learn what it is like for shielders and how their actions affect them.

8) For those who are in the boarderline pay bracket for benefits where they earn up to £7500 over the benefit cap with also be entitled to benefits as the cap will be rasied to help those people and shielders will be exempt from the pay cap, if you are shielding and working from home you will be allowed to claim FULL benefits to help you survive shielding.

9) Any business caught price gouging will be closed for a minimum of 30 days and will be under review. If they continue to price gouge then they will be subject to a £2000 fine and closed until lockdown is lifted FULLY. They will also be subject to potential prison time. This goes for shops and surpliers.

10) Any business that also causes stress and hardship for shielders will be by LAW fined. This fine will be given to the shielder they wronged. A minimum of £500 will be issued.

11) All businesses will be ordered by law to have one day, that vulnerable people and shielders can use their store. A badge for shielders and vulnerable people will be issued along with their letter stating their shielding/vulnerable so that stores will be able to identify them. If the store lets anyone in without the badge will be fined.

12) By law any pharmacists, be they a large chain, or a small pharmacists who refuse delivery of medications for free to shielders or vulnerable adults will be fined

13) Any company where working from home is a viable option (including government, politicians and the civil service) who apply pressure to people to return to the office especially if they are vulnerable or shielding will be fined. The proceeds of this fine will be given to the employee and will be a minimum of £2000. This is only where working from home is an option and the employee has shown they are productive when working from home.

Like I said no one would want me as prime minister because I would make these hard choices consiquences be dammed. If I was able to get this country down to a zero infection rate no one would mind. I do not think and if it also taught those who think they can do what ever they wanted a lesson including in my own government then I actually would not care. I would have made a difference

Boris these are the things you need to be putting in place. We have started to get a second wave and this is because you are not making these hard decisions. As someone who has had COVID like I have and had it pretty nastily I expected more from you and you have not delivered. You need to think about what you are doing and do what is right instead of what your party is calling for. I hope that you take the examples of New Zealand and make our country dow what is right.

To those in the UK who are fighting the system please stop you are not helping the spread of COVID-19 in our country infact you are helping it. How many people have to die before you get it? Do our hospitals have to get overwhelmed so that they have to decide who can have a ventilator and who cant before you stop being an idiot? Do what is right instead of what you want


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