Risk Assessing

Now that shielding has ended and I am allowed to go out more, I have to risk assess everything.

You may think "oh she is over exaggerating!" It's safe to go outside more. The truth is, whilst the infection rate is low it is safer then back in March but for people like me, who have underlying health conditions its still not safe.

Because I was a shielder, I only feel safe outside with a mask on. Even though I struggle with the texture of them it is wearing it or staying in doors and becoming an agoraphobic which I do not want to do, especially because I live alone. When I go outside, because of social distancing measures shops have removed their benches from the shopping centers. These benches allowed me to go and shop in many store whilst being able to sit when I needed to because of my back. Without these benches I can only do one shop a day. Because of the heat, and the fact I have to wear a face mask I cant go out if the tempreture hits above 27 degrees. I cant take the face mask off between mandatory usage so I have to consider how the heat + face mask is likely to affect me

Everyone has their sticking points. But, for those of us who were shielding this new normal is harder to navigate. If, I had £100,000 and I could rent somewhere with a large garden it would not be so bad. I would be able to grow food and get more exercise daily. I would be able to have things to help my fitness, and when it got too hot I would install decent ac so I would be able to be comfortable inside.

The trick is when risk assessing is making sure that your not over the top. I know in this day of COVID-19 it is easy to say outside bad, inside good, but without the outside to break up your day then you will just become isolated and alone. I know what I can and cant do. I know what I will and will not do. It is finding the balance to make sure that what you wont do, does not become the standard. Sooner or later there will be a vaccine which will mean those vulnerable will have a little extra help to make sure that they are safer and the rest of the country will have something to help them fight but until then we have to work on what is best for you and helping with everyone around you.

Please if you are feeling vulnerable risk assess but dont become a shut in.


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