Ignorance is running rampant

I came back to my flat on Wednesday and I have to say I am feeling really angry that ignorance is running wild.

I am Gender Fluid. I feel comfortable more when I shave my hair and let it grow back. The reason for this is because girls can have short hair and obviously men do to. When it grows it is good for winter as it can keep my head warm and when it is long enough I can do fun things like pig tails, pony tails, braid and it can be fun. Again, in the heat it is again a benefit.

When I was on the train, someone came on the train in the carrige behind me and walked through mine. He said to his companion "look at this freak, shaved head and boob tube on". I could not believe it. I chose not to react but when someone is making comments about my appearence without knowing me that to me is rampant ignorance. This wound me up even more because the person who did not pay attention to the face mask on the train. He spent the whole ride without it and only put it on when he was getting off the train.

Please people, do not make judgements on people without knowing them. You can really hurt peoples feelings

So by way of explaination. Yes, I shave my head once a year. I feel more comfortable with a shaved head. Yes, I was wearing a boob tube, I have to travel door to door with my face mask on so I have to wear the best clothes for travelling in heat. I have disabilities so when travelling door to door in a face mask I have to wear clothes that keep me cool. There is nothing freaky about it so it should not be judgemental about it. If you knew me you would understand.


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