Covid-19 - and Unbiased Unpolitical opinion

There are lots of people out there who are making assumptions about COVID-19 and still people are claiming it to be the flu so I am here to tell you from first hand experience what a nasty case of COVID-19 feels like

I came down with symptoms very quickly. One minute I was putting away a food shop and the next minute I could not stop coughing. At first I brushed it off as "oh x went down the wrong way" "oh I was pushing myself". But I could not brush it off for long because I started having full on coughing fits. I was coughing so much I barely had time to catch my breath. That is when I realised something was seriously wrong.

I immediately checked my tempreture and my heart sank when I saw it. I always take my temp in both ears and one was 37.9 and the other was 38.1. I immediately thought, COVID. I called our emergency services who sent me through to the local covid team. I was terrified. This was back at the very beginning where the death rates were rising and the only way you could get a test was if you went to hospital. I was so adament that I would not go to hospital so I didnt get officially tested but all the sysmptoms I had thei 99% sure it was covid.

Breathing was the scary part for me. I honestly went to bed every night wondering if I was going to wake up in the morning. I was on my own. I felt like I would pass out just by turning in bed. That for me was the worst one. People kept calling to check on me and honestly I wa like "please please stop calling, it takes so much effort to talk." I was even told that I was verging on being forced into hospital by the doctor who called me every day. If I was not making any progress she would send an ambulence to come pick me up and told to bring me in by what ever means necessary. This again scared the crap out of me.

The hardest part for me was the not knowing if I would wake up in the morning. and I was sleeping like 15 hours at a stretch and barely ate. They do not tell you that fear comes into your head. Now, I see people just acting like we are back to normal and all I can think of is "if you get this as bad as I had it then you will stop being morons". Can you imagine praying to God every night hoping that you will just wake up in the morning. That was me every night. Even, when the worst symptoms subsided it took so long for the cough to go that I swear I still worried every day about waking up again. It took maybe about 3 months to feel 100% again and honestly that is me being generous. It was damn hard.

if you can take one thing out of this is that you need to social distance. It is not something you want to get and if you get it bad it is nothing like the flu. Protect yourselves and your loved ones otherwise you will kick yourself if you bring it home and loose someone you love because of it.


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