breaking down the walls

 The world is a cruel place when you are different.

As someone with disabilities, even when I only knew about one, I had to deal with discrimination. The private sector is only a good place to work if you know your rights when it comes to being disabled. The reason for this is because you can hold the company to account if they fall down on the equalities act. I did not know what my rights were so I got battered and bruised by the private sector.

The problem is that I built up these walls and learned some bad habits because of my disabilities. Now, I have to work on how I  can break down these walls. I now work in a place that is supportive but it is difficult to remember that. I feel like I have to make sure that I can be professional whilst also doing my work. I do not need to be always talking about my disabilities. I am proving my worth with the work that I am doing.

When you have amazing supportive work you just need to be you and not relate everything back to your disabilities.


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