autism and celebrities

Sometimes being autistic provides more clarity to me in some things. One thing in particular the the logic and litteral thinking about celebrities.

People out there who hero worship actors and actresses is great. It helps boost revenue for shows and brings people together.

Unfortunately for me I dont hero worship celebrities. The reason for this is because, so many people already do it the likelihood you will stand out in a crowd is 1 million to 1.

It also for me as someone who struggles is disheartening when you see celebrities 1with so much and you work your ass off and do what you can for people and all you get is past due bills and broken dreams.

Another reason is because what is the likelihood that a big famous superstar looks at you and says I want to whisk you off your feet. Holywood is the beautiful peoples club for dating and us mere mortals are ignored.

One day, and I know this will never happen, ai wish a celebrity would look at me and deem me worthy to support even as an anonymous benefactor to help me achieve my dream of becoming a Foster mum. Haha never happen. Or I would love to see a celebrity date a Normal person and not another starlet.

However, all the above being said I do support celebrities even if they are in a world that I will never get to be part of. Some of my faces;

Billy Burke
Misha Colins
Jared Padelecki
Jensen Ackles
Robert Davi
James Morris on
Lucy Lawless
Channing Tatum
Halle Berry
Shemar Moore
Kristen Vagness
Mark Harmon


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