22nd Amendment

 I always thought the rule on American politicians only running two terms was something that had been in the constitution since the beginning of the formation of the United States. 

I am reading a book, however, and I am learning a bit more about the History of the States. I find it so funny that when George Washington declined to run for a 3rd term stating that no President should serve for more than two terms he didn't see fit to get it put into the constitution. On a country with a codified constitution to have an unwritten rule that people followed seems rather absurd to me. You have something that is in writing including the right to bear arms but something so powerful as how long a President can serve is not.

It was not until Rosevelt decided to ignore this unwritten rule and serve a 3rd term. It was only when this happened that the American government put the 22nd Amendment in. How, is this possible?

I do believe that it is something that is amazing though. Sometimes I wish the UK had a similar policy to make sure that politicians do not burn out and start making mistakes. I think it is something that every country should have and have it written in a way that it can never be repealed. This would also stop the issues of dictators taking hold because by law you would be able to have them forcibly removed from office if they tried to cling on to their hold. 

I believe that the amendments that are around holding to account the leaders of a country should be a lot harsher. There are also some amendments that I do not understand but I am wrapping my head around it.


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