where were you?

There is an episode of Blue Bloods where they focus on the memory of our ladies and gents in Blue and what there did and sacrificed when the twin towers came down.

There are parts in the episode where Tom Selleck asks "where were you on 9/11?"

These events are scarred in our minds as a reminder of what can happen. It is also a reminder of what does happen in the aftermath both good and bad.

So I want to ask the following questions;

1) where were you on 9/11?
2) where were you on 7/7?
3) where were you on 6/14?

My answers to these questions are as follows:

On 9/11  I was in school. By the time the towers were hit, in the UK I was in afternoon class. There was an emergency assembly called and we all piled into the hall and the announcement was made, there had been a major terrorist attack in the USA. We were sent back to our form rooms and televisions were there. We started watching the new with live coverage from the States. Even as a teenager I remember the horror in the classroom as we saw what was going on. School was let out early and a sense of craziness overwhelmed me. After 9/11 I started attending the American Church in London this was to show solidarity with our American Brothers and sisters.

On 7/7 I was at work. I worked in a shop that was for our armed forces. The first thing I remember is a group of soldiers armed with SA80s come in and did a search of the premises. This was so unusual. Then the evacuation sound rang put and we went to the parade Square where we were td there had been a terrorist attack on London. I walked home in the rain until I found a payphone and my mum picked me up and drove me home. I was so worried about my sister because had she been on time for work she would have been on the train that blew up. I knew then nothing would ever be the same again.

On 6/14 initially I was in bed and when realising what was going on I went into auto pilot mode. That afternoon I was at one of the pop up centers helping out as much as I could. The fear, sadness and anguish I saw that day from Grenfel I cant even describe. No one could walk away from that without being affected. Just no one.

There are positives in what happened because people came together. No matter your job, social status or age everyone worked together to help in these horrible situation.

The world seems to be getting bad each day. You see many people playing the game of "me, myself and I and screw the rest of you". But when the shit hits the fan people pull together.

In this pandemic I have seen strangers helping people they do not know out. I have seen people, instead of debtcollecting delivering food parcels and more care for people around them.

This pandemic will always be a memory for us across the globe. I now ask that anyone who wants to see real change in the world to start thinking properly about the types of leaders we want for this country. How many of you who voted Trump would vote him in again? How many people who voted Boris in would do so again? How many people took going outside for granted would do so again?

These bad times give us a chance to learn our lessons so let's do so, so that after 2020 we will never have to say "where were you when..." Let's make 2020 the last year that question happens and start living more peacefully and respectful of everyone around us.


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