Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world. It is a crazy place. It is a confusing place.

I am a disabled adult who is Autistic, Dyslexic, with Asthma, Depression, PTSD and Spinal Problems. This is great for being only 34 years old.

I had to start a new blog because I could no longer afford my blog on Wordpress which sucked but because of COVID-19 I had to cut back. Honestly I cant be too sad about it because I am doing my part.

Due to my disabilities I have had to be shielding during this COVID-19 situation.

In the beginning I was really struggling with being a shielder. I wanted to go out and help people and I was stuck inside. It made me feel so low you could not imagine.

What I found out however, staying inside I was helping. I was keeping a high risk person off the streets which could potentially cause problems for the health system. That helped me hugely. What I also found was I could do things from my own home.

Due to my autism I struggle with food so what I was doing, I would keep the food that I got from my food parcels that I was unable to eat and donate it to food banks and the local hospital.

It is important for people to pull together during this time. We need to help when we can or however we can but we also need to be able to support everyone else. It is important that we continue to work togeter to stop the spread of COVID.

So, As you can see my blog posts dont follow a standard format. I tend to go all over the place.

This blog is about me, my disabilities and how I keep myself going. My life and my mind is crazy but I will be sharing this with you all.

I hope you enjoy :)


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