Success and School

There are far too many people who think that you have to be good in school to be successful in life. Do not get me wrong a good education is not a bad thing but it is not the be all and end all.

Before I was 16 I was bad in school verbally I knew what I was doing but my reading and writing was terrible. At 16 I was diagnosed as being dyslexic which I thought was the end of the world. I had already failed my GCSEs once and now I was retaking them. I didnt think that I would get through the second time around.

I did eventually get my GCSEs and went on to get a B and two Cs at A'level. Even with my Dyslexia diagnosis I was unable to survive university longer than a term. This made me feel very low because I felt like a failure. I felt like I was going to be a looser my entire life because I did not have a university degree. What I know now is that not only am I dyslexic I am also autistic. That diagnosis however only came at the age of 31. It is unlikely that I will ever get to get a university degree now anyway.

At 34 now I can say I am successful. I have an amazing job which I have been in for going on 4 years. My confidence has grown expenetially and I have completed a level 4 qualification which is the equivellent to the 1st year of university.

I definately agree that a secondary school education, preferably to A'level is important but if you find that school is not for you there are other ways. Apprenticeships are a great way for people to work and learn a skill. University does not have to be the only option. If you would like to join the legal profession look into Legal Apprenticeship that will qualify you as a legal executive.

The only way you will not be successful will be if you choose not to be. If you choose to take a job for the sake of a job and not look at what you can and can not do, then you will not be successful. You have to want to do what you choose to do as we spend a lot of our life working.

Do you remember the saying, "if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life". This is soo true. The job that I do I love and even when there is a rough day, I still love what I do.

If you find someone has a learning difficulty do not write them off as someone who cant be successful.


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