Shielding Ending August 1st

I know on August 1st Shielding is due to come to an end. This is because the R rate is down to a negligable rate. This does not mean the pandemic is over, and it wont be over until there is a vaccine, but it does mean that the risk of infection is low enough to let everyone out.

As a shielder myself I know there is going to be a lot of anxiety out there about going out. For so long we have been told "outside bad, inside good" and people are going to be a lot more sceptical about going out. So here are my tips for ending shielding on a personal level.
1) Risk assess your trips out and plan them to the nth degree. If you see too many people where you want to go not socially distancing or being stupid, decide if you need to go there. If not dont go. If you do decide the risk level for you. Do not let anyone else risk assess for you!
2) Face-masks. I know they are not fun but if wearing one makes you feel better the wear it door to door. Whether it is a long trip or short trip and remember the places you HAVE to wear a mask.
3) Start small and work your way up to longer trips!.
4) Remember that you are a human being and going out is good but you have to do what is right for you. Just try and avoid becoming agoraphobic.

We do not know how long we will be able to go out, if there is a local lockdown or another national lockdown the first thing that will be said is "shielders back inside" so we must take advantage of the freedom we have whilst we have it. Dont take it for granted.


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